Insider Threat Training

Insider Threat Training
This training is exclusively reserved for companies.
Insider Threat Training

An airport is a complex entity, with multiple occupants, a transient population and time-critical operations. Such an environment is vulnerable to a variety of different risks and threats. An insider is an individual who exploits their knowledge or access to their airport, airline, or organisation’s assets, for unauthorized purposes. So, the insider could be virtually anyone, including an employee, contractor, consultant or anyone else who has legitimate access to their organisation’s information or assets. This problem is especially difficult to manage when you consider the interdependencies and wealth of information that moves around an airport.

Insider Threat training course is designed to help trainees understand what an insider threat is and teach them their responsibilities.

Duration: 30 min.

- Understand what an Insider Threat is.
- Understand what the reasons why people become threats are.
- Identify what specific observable behavioral indicators are.
- Understand your responsibilities as an employee.
- Understand how to promote a call to action and how to report suspicious activity.

- What is an Insider Threat?
- What are the reasons? Why people become threats?
- What are the specific observable behavioral indicators?
- What are your responsibilities as an employee?

Target Group: all Airport employees and all Flight Standards Service employees
Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) 

Max attempts: 2
Minimum score: 80
Maximum score: 100
A certificate will be issued at the end of the training course.