Live Animals for Passenger Handling Personnel

Live Animals for Passenger Handling Personnel (IATA)
Live Animals for Passenger Handling Personnel


When shipping or accepting live animals for transport by air, you must know how to use and comply with the IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR). The IATA LAR is the global standard and essential guide to transporting live animals by air in a safe and humane manner. Whether you are a shipper, a freight forwarder or a cargo acceptance representative, a working knowledge of LAR is a must to ensure that live animals are transported in compliance with airline regulations and animal welfare standards. Learn about container requirements, documentation requirements, and awareness of animals’ health. Learn how to comply with standards and international welfare regulations.

Note: This course meets the training requirements for handling and acceptance personnel, as per the Live Animals Regulations (LAR) Section 1.4

Duration: 1.5 hours

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:
- Protect the safety and welfare of animals on the ground and in the air
- Describe container design principles for live animals
- Determine which container requirement is applicable to the animal being transported
- Describe carrier requirements and government regulations
- Identify relevant documentation

- Correct use of IATA’s Live Animals Regulations manual
- Shipper’s and Carrier’s responsibilities
- Government and airline regulations
- Documentation, marking and labelling requirements for live animal shipments.
- Classification of live animals and identification of the correct container requirement

Target Group:
This course is recommended for:
- Airline passenger representatives
- Customer Service personnel
- Reservations and Operations staff
- Passenger Handling Personnel

Validity: 3 years
Exam Delivery Method: Non-supervised online-based exam, can be taken any time at your convenience.
Format: Multiple Choice questions.
Number of questions: 20.
Time Allowance: 60 minutes.
Passing Grade: 80% correct answers.
Number of exam attempts: 2.
At the end of this course, you will receive your completion certificate

Validity: 3 years