*NO CARRY* DGR for Cabin Crew Members - IATA/ICAO/EASA Cat 17

NO CARRY Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) for Cabin Crew Members - Cat 17 IATA/ICAO/EASA Table 1.5.B
Target Group :
Cabin Crew

Course Objective:
Upon completing this online training you will have the knowledge to:
- Identify labels and package specification markings and classify Dangerous Goods;
- Recognise Undeclared Dangerous Goods ;
- Be aware of provisions for Dangerous Goods in baggage of passengers and crew;
- Know the rules for loading and storage
- Get familiar with Dangerous Goods emergency response procedures.

This training has been developed on competency-based training and assessment approach - IATA DGR manual appendix H

Key topics:
- Recognizing dangerous goods
- Identifying the general limitations
- Positioning different roles and responsibilities
- Understanding the criticality of classification & packaging
- Interpreting the hazard communication
- Familiarizing with basic Emergency Response
- Report dangerous goods accidents
- Report dangerous goods incidents
- Report undeclared/mis-declared dangerous goods
- Report dangerous goods occurrences

Duration: 2 hours
All trainees need to pass a final exam in order to complete the DGR course.The minimum pass grade is 80%. If a trainee fails for the first time, he/she will be given a second attempt at the exam. If a trainee fails twice, he/she will have to retake the entire course.
Once the trainee has passed the final exam, he/she will be provided with a e-Certificate that can be printed. The certificate is then valid for 24 months.