Unapproved Parts (SUPS) Training

Unapproved Parts (SUPS) Training
Unapproved Parts (SUPS) Training

The SUPs course imparts extensive real-world experience, knowledge and recommendations to course participants to enable them to more successfully recognize, manage, report and help remove Suspected Unapproved Parts from the global aviation system.

FAA accepted Training Course Number C-IND-IM-170406-K-010-001 will expire March 31, 2023

Duration: 10 hours

1. SUP Environment and History
2. Why should we be concerned about unapproved parts?
3. Cost and impact of installing SUPs
4. Parts Approval Processes Roles and Responsibilities
5. Receiving Inspections and how unapproved parts enter the system
6. Determining the status of parts and part substantiation
7. Determining airworthiness of parts Involved In accidents
8. Part Marking Requirements; new and used parts with updated materials
9. Fabrication of parts during maintenance
10. Military surplus parts and products
11. Civil and Legal Impact of producing, selling, certificating, or installing Unapproved Parts (Aircraft Safety Act of 2000)
12. What is being done to address SUPs problem?
13. Reporting a SUP and interfacing with the FAA
14. Setting up a SUP program and actions that you can take

Prerequisites: None

Target Group: Air Carriers, Air Operators, Manufacturers, Repair stations and Parts Suppliers
Yes – 70% passing grade
FAA Inspection Authorization (Initial or Renewal IA) to meet requirements of 14 CFR Part 65.93 (a) (4). Each person completing the SUPS training course will receive a Certificate of Training citing the FAA Course Acceptance Number.